Need helpmaking theright life decisionand finding balance?

Need help making the right life decision and finding balance?

Balanced Life, Inc. offers a specialized life consulting service to people wanting to make positive changes and decisions in their personal and professional lives.

To fit into your schedule and location, all of our sessions will be virtual with FaceTime, Zoom or other similar service.

People often need a person who will and can tell them things that good friends and family cannot or will not tell them.

Individuals frequently prefer a trained, experienced and objective voice who can speak to life challenges and decisions.  Many prefer a professional to help them sort through options, clarify their own thinking and develop a plan of action or come to a major decision point.  

If you are at a point in your life where you want or need to make a major decision and/or change, then Balanced Life could be the right resource for you.

“It is a great thing to tell yourself the truth.”


Balanced Life is the consulting practice of Ray Grubbs

I have a wide-ranging professional background comprised of:   Managing a corporate staff of professionals, ministering in churches and in the past as a state licensed counselor.  I have maintained my own private practice in Charlotte and Belmont, NC.

My educational background is broad with an undergraduate degree in Economics and Business and two advanced degrees: 
Master of Counseling and Master of Divinity.   

In my business experience, I have worked with those in positions as corporate officers, executives, artists, architects, attorneys, information technology, financial and accounting professionals and many others.  I am conversant in the areas of business, finances, investments, health care and in the area of governmental services.

In my experience as a counselor and minister, I discovered many of life issues stem from a search for meaning and purpose.  Often, there is a need to get more clarity, insight and direction simply to help in making changes and decisions either personally or professionally. 

If this service is something you believe will be of benefit to  you, contact Ray Grubbs via phone or email.

Ray Grubbs
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My great family. Two grown daughters, sons-in-law & four grandchildren enjoying Jackson Hole, WY.


In order to guide you, here are a few examples of why people have sought consulting at Balanced Life.

Obviously, all identifying details have been changed to assure total confidentiality.

Gene came to me as a person in upper management of a large corporation in Charlotte.  He was well educated for his position and had numerous direct and indirect reports.  His responsibilities were technical in nature and he had been effective and competent.  He had become discontent and unfulfilled in the corporate world even though he earned a good income with strong long-term benefits. He was married with several kids and felt conflicted in trying to make a career change. 

A family consulted with me because they were having relationship problems in their family business.  A daughter had married, and the new son-in-law came into the business.  In the past, the lines of responsibility and how business was conducted were done “informally”.  Personalities began to clash, and the company and family relationships were being jeopardized. 

Beverly sought my services after teaching for over 10 years.  She really enjoyed teaching for many of those years.  Unfortunately, all the administration, “politics” and recent events involved had her dreading going in most days.  We immediately began exploring all the potential options she had.

Jeremy contacted me and said, “if anyone would look at my life, they would say I had it all and surely I would be a happy, fulfilled person.”  He was not content at all.  True, he was married with kids, had a good job, a nice home, active socially and had friends but something was missing.  We began to explore using the Balanced Life Inventory and determined he really had a yearning to understand and talk more about his Christian beliefs and to find a deeper and stronger faith.

A physician consulted with me because he was feeling overwhelmed and conflicted with changes and demands in his life. The medical provider group he was a part of was considering merging with another practice that he did not professionally respect.  He wanted to sort through and become clear in his own thoughts about options and the impact on his family and his professional career.


The consulting fee is $150.  Each session will be 50-60 minutes.

We accept cash, check, Venmo or Zelle for payment.

All fees are due at each session.

Other professional services will be billed based on time and preparation.

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