By that phrase, I mean you should find deeper meaning to your life and life events. Don’t see your life as a series of random events but more like a canvas on which your life is being painted. Every event—happy, sad, loss or gain adds to the painting. As you go through life, more and more the canvas comes to life and the painting’s image makes more sense.

When I was a young boy, in my early teens, my mother had what was called then a “nervous breakdown”. That period was bizarre, confusing, intriguing and yes quite formative. My curiosity was greatly stirred to try and understand human behavior and the human mind. Those events and in that period of time, unknown to me, was forming the foundation for my life’s calling and profession. It gave me a deep compassion and interest in helping people who struggle in life.

What about you and your life? What has formed and impacted you. What has guided you? Loss, confusion, blessings, advantages, disadvantages, pain and nurture all have their formative place.