Life lessons are everywhere!  I just finished watching Super Bowl 51. Now whether you like or follow football or not, there is a great lesson for us in this game.

New England was so far behind Atlanta after the first half of the game. It appeared that absolutely every adversity was stacked against them.  There seemed to be no way to win or even make a respectable showing.
Life can really throw challenges our way that we give into what appears inevitable. It may be a troubled marriage, numbing depression, overwhelming anxiety, a very difficult decision, a failure in judgment and so many more life challenges that try to defeat and discourage us.
The quarterback for New England attributed their overcoming such adversity to mental toughness. That term, mental toughness, can be described as determination, persistence, faith, overcoming power. I think it was simply a decision.
New England was so unbalanced in the first half. They appeared overwhelmed. But something happened in the locker room before the second half.
To me, they made the decision to come out and balance the playing field. It was tough with ups and downs. They did it though and then won the game in overtime. They re-balanced and won the game.
What about you and your life?
Is it time to get your life back in balance?  Make that decision to once and for all work and do what’s necessary to take your life back from fear, uncertainty, malaise or whatever has kept you from a fulfilling balanced life.

Make that decision today.